Proud Sponsors of No Idiots Allowed

(And other stuff!)

JasonDL13 - JasonDL13 has sponsored No Idiots Allowed from the beginning.
Dark Cactus - A random name that I came up with, this is the name I came up with to organize the websites. Look at the bottom of any page.

Other Stuff!

Other Groups No Idiots Allowed Are In

The old No Idiots Allowed Group - No one has admin access on that group, so we stopped it.
Monthly Minecraft Event - A monthly Minecraft event that tried to start, courtesy of Kai's bday. But it never happened.
Party Bus - A group courtesy of Jalen. Lots of Grade 8's are in it.
Bob Saget Support Group - Courtesy of Ethan, Bob Saget Support Group is when you need a group to have a talk privately.
Mulge - A very, very, very old group. I don't even have chat logs of it. It broke up, and later No Idiots Allowed was made.
Sand Paper Butthole - A very creative name thanks to Virgil. This group is also very old, it existed long before Mulge.