NIA Oath

The NIA Oath was created on 11/12/15 in which new members must swear in.
People swearing the oath must put their hand on their heart, and the other hand in the air. Or, they may put one of the hand on a bible, or a bible like object.
This is what the oath is:

I pledge allegiance to the logo of No Idiots Allowed, and to the anti-idiots for which they stand, one Nation under Dasher, fuzzy dogs, with No Idiots Allowed for all.

The oath is a parody of the Pledge of Allegiance, which is idiotic.
Dasher is Jason's dog and is the best dog.
The logo of No Idiots Allowed, was and is currently the Power Rangers logo. This may or may not change.
This was made in French class.
Whilst doing the Oath, someone put their hand on a Science textbook and said "I'm putting my hand on science because it's more important then God."
There have been ~3-5 revisions of this. The first one was made off the top of Jason's head, which included pledging allegiance to Jason Lewis.
On 1/15/16 it was changed from 'and to the social democrats' to 'and to the anti-idiots.'