NIA Members

No Idiots Allowed currently has 9 members working non-stop to make the world a better place!
Without these people, NIA would not be where it is today!

JasonDL13Reason: Minecraft Skype call/needed group name
Role: Founder/Leader
Date: 2/03/15 5:21:07 PM

JasonDL13 has been the leader of NIA ever since he created it. He runs the website and the Instagram account too.

EthanReason: Added to Skype call
Role: Founder
Date: 2/03/15 5:21:07 PM

Ethan, together with Kai, were the 2 people added into the Skype group. Ethan has been here since the very start and has never left.

NIA believes Ethan is dedicated to stopping idiots, and we're proud to have him here.

Kai Miles 27Reason: Added to Skype call
Role: Founder
Date: 2/03/15 5:21:07 PM

Kai Miles was a big advocate for anti-idiocy. After some bumps in the road, he was kicked from NIA.
[6/16/15 8:11:56 PM] *** Jason removed Kai from this conversation. ***
It was a hard decision for all of us. Fortunately, he was added back.
[12/13/15 17:34:33] *** Jason added Kai ***
Kai remains an important part for NIA. He has shaped it into what it became to today.

Instagram photo of Kai's acceptance.

DylonReason: Helped Minecraft server
Role: Member
Date: 3/13/15 5:43:12

Dylon was added before NIA became famous. He helped us with our Minecraft server.
Dylon did end up leaving voluntarily a few times, but he's back for good.
Dylon was also the most active member for a while, and played a big role into getting Logan accepted into NIA.

[3/13/15 5:43:12 PM] *** Jason added Dylon ***

Dylon is a very trustworthy and anti-idiot.

LoganReason: Proved he was anti-idiot, wanted to join, we were recruiting.
Role: Member
Date: 8/28/15 20:44:55

[8/28/15 20:44:55] *** Logan joined. ***

Logan wanted to join NIA, and with some consideration, he was accepted.
Logan had also joined many of NIA's other groups (including Bob Saget Support Group™ by Ethan, The Gang™ by JasonDL13, and Gossip Gurls™ by Chris).
Logan is very anti-idiot, however, he was almost kicked around mid-December 2015. Fortunately, he was not, and he remains in NIA today.

Instagram photo of Logan's acceptance

ChrisReason: Finally got Skype, good friends of Jason and Ethan
Role: Member/Committe
Date: 11/11/15 00:04:19

[11/11/15 00:04:19] *** Chris joined. ***

Within of few hours of Chris getting Skype, he was accepted into NIA. Jason and Ethan had plans of adding him, but he didn't have Skype. Now he's added.
Chris has proven himself to be anti-idiot, so, we thought he was fit.
Chris is currently the most active person in NIA (besides Jason) and holds the record for the fastest time to get accepted.

Chris also has made many controbutions to NIA, such as creating Gossip Gurls and helping with some website design. NIA thanks Chris for his support.

Instagram photo of Chris's acceptance

LuizReason: #Luiz4NIA
Role: Trial
Date: 2/5/16 20:59:46


[2/5/16 20:59:46] Luiz: Yeah

Luiz was the very first member NIA wanted to add. Luckily, Luiz accepted and joined NIA.

He was accepted in 8 days since NIA annoucing they were trying to add him. However, to save time Luiz did the quiz on his own so he was accepted in 8 minutes from going online. However, NIA recognizes 8 days for acceptance.

Luiz does not have the official "Anti-Idiot" rank due to his quiz performance. However, NIA still has him as a member.

Henry LarsenReason: Helped NIA before, 100% on quiz.
Role: Member / Others
Date: 3/20/16 20:14:37

[20;14;37] *** Jason added Henry  ***

Henry was the very first member to be added by NIA Application. It was a new feature at the time which was created to allow Henry to join. This makes a big mark in NIA's history to add new members.

NIA has been helped by Henry before, including creating a logo and being a known supporter for NIA.

Together with all of that, plus the fact that Henry has a perfect rating on the quiz (100%), and his political position is almost exactly NIA's, he was accepted into NIA within ~14 minutes. The fastest time ever before. However, this was much faster because of the new NIA Application feature.

Henry Larsen has been known to be anti-idiot for a while, NIA is proud to have him as a member!

NathanReason: Got Skype, proven to be socially anti-idiot
Role: Member
Date: 3/30/16 16:10:34

[16;10;34] *** Jason added Nathan ***
[16;10;35] Jason: woooooooo
[16;10;47] Nathan: yayyy

Nathan was being planned to be added to NIA around the same time Henry was, but it was only until after Spring Break he got Skype.

Nathan was the second member added in March 2016, and was proved to be socially anti-idiot before he was even being considered.