No Idiots Allowed Day was created on 11/16/15 by the No Idiots Allowed leader, JasonDL13.

No Idiots Allowed Day takes place on February 3rd each year.

NIA Minute:
On every NIA day, 4:21 PM is celebrated as the NIA minute. It was the exact minute NIA was created.

Moment of Silence:
On every NIA day, 8:08 (BOB) is the moment of silence for all the idiots in the world.
NIA is anti-idiot, but we also feel for them. This minute on NIA day will be our moment of silence, it's hard to live as an idiot.

NIA Day was the day the NIA Skype group was made.
The Skype group was officially named 'No Idiots Allowed' on 2/14/15.