About Us

No Idiots Allowed was started in a Skype group when Ethan, Kai, and Jason were in a call. We started to re-use the group, and in an incident when Jason didn't know what group was what, he accidentally left the group. When he was later added back he renamed the group to make it easily identifiable.

[2/03/15 5;21;07 PM] *** Jason added Ethan, Kai ***

The first line in the chat log of No Idiots Allowed

[2/14/15 12;52;38 PM] *** Jason has changed the conversation topic to "No idiots allowed™ (Sponsored by JasonDL13.com)" ***

When No Idiots Allowed was first named.

Usernames have been changed to prevent DDoS

Since then we have gained members and lost members. We have gained lots of sponsors and we even gained an Instagram

[3/05/15 9;08;30 PM] *** Jason has changed the conversation topic to "No idiots allowed v2™ (Sponsored by JasonDL13.com)" ***

When the new No Idiots Allowed group was made.

We even had to create a new group (because someone #NotJason decided to add the Skype Test Service to it and no one could remove it), recruiting a new member in the process.

We hope you can support No Idiots Allowed in our journey to make the world a better place.

Thank you.